Thursday, November 07, 2013

Funny bug about teamviewer

I was having some problems with using teamviewer lately. Sometimes, when I switch window from Remote computer to local computer, I was not able to key anything in the remote computer. Teamviewer (or whatever) was behaving as if teamviewer is not running at all. Finally, I thought that let me see if any of my keys are having some problems ( I figured this out as I had used old 90s computers where keyboards were different than what we have right now. During that time too, there was a similar problem, if some key is halt or jammed, if you try to type in anything, you won't be able to type.)

So, anyway, if you find similar problem with teamviewer, try holding "Alt" key for 2-3 seconds and your problem would be resolved. I would be curious if someone knows the exact reason behind it. Anyway, enjoy. 

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