Saturday, August 24, 2019

Kali Linux Blank Screen Problem with Virtualbox

You might come across this problem with Kali Linux where black screen will be displayed immediately after the grub screen. Here are some of the solutions you should try:

Solution 1:
1. Edit the grub and go to the line where it starts with "linux" and end with word "quiet". Add "nomodeset" at the end. So your line would look like quiet nomodeset
2. Press Ctrl + X to reboot the system. Note that this is just temporary. Every time you reboot your kali linux, you have to add it.
3. Once you are logged into the linux, open terminal.
4. Edit your grub using "sudo nano /etc/default/grub"
5. Go to the line where "quiet" is mentioned. Add "nomodeset" after word "quiet". Save the editor and exit
6. Update the grub using "sudo update-grub"
7. Restart your OS and check if it works out. If it does not work, then please try other solutions.