Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Motelab Problem with Sender Address (Wireless Sensor Networks)


From last few days, I have been getting a weird problem with my research work. I had written one simple application which was sending packets from Radio To Serial. I developed the application, so that I can check channel diversity. I was getting a sender address from AMPacket.source() method. This code worked fine when I deployed application manually into 3-4 motes, but when I deployed the application in Harvard's Motelab, I got this weird error. Instead of getting actual address of motes, I got "1" as sender address. 

I did search a lot on Google, but couldn't get any satisfying answer. Finally, I received a link - which tried to put some limelight on the problem, but wait a second - the link actually just told that there is a problem with Motelab's configuration - but did not give a solution to that ( at least I couldn't understand). 

Finally, I got solution from Olaf Landsiedel, who provided me his blog's link. That's exactly I was looking for. 

So, whenever anyone gets error with Sender address in Motelab - Please use below code in your starting method and you will be done. 

call ActiveMessageAddress.setAddress 
(call ActiveMessageAddress.amGroup(), TOS_NODE_ID);

Enjoy.  Let me know your views if this resolves your issue. 


perytons said...

Thanks for sharing the code for resolving the problem with Motelab's configuration. The information will be of great help to the readers to fix the problem related to Sender address in Motelab.

Unknown said...

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